Victoria on Blog Talk Radio

Very exciting opportunity! I will be featured on Blog Talk Radio at 3:30pm today!  Please tune in!!

Click here to listen:

victoria raine - radio spot



  1. After having read your works and looking at your very attractive features as a whole and conversing with you at a coffee house or over a glass of wine, makes one wonder whether when you write you recluse to your Hobbit Hole and immerse yourself in is using your visual and auditory senses on a different plane (this is a statement). No one expects you to disclose what it is that you do to produce your work. I am merely telling what runs through my mind.

    • Thank u so much for ur kind words Emilio I appreciate it very much and am very happy u r a fan of my work very best V

  2. It was an amazing opportunity for me to have such talented poet on my show. All I can add, is that her poems will touch your heart and soul. Good luck with your new books, the World needs talent like yours, Dianna Bellerose Award Winning Author, Women’s Advocate and Radio Talk Show Host

    • Thanks luv glad u enjoyed my book :) !! And thanks again for having me on your show it was a honor to be a part of it !! Many blessings and wishes for success !! Big hugs !!

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