Sometimes it’s hard to keep everyone else happy and be happy yourself

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By Phyllis Johnson on July 7, 2014 
Blood on Paper is a tome of realization and a triumph over the chains of sin that bind. It’s about conquering demons and a lifting of burdens. There is poem after poem about victory and the regaining of pride in oneself. The poet inspires the reader to crawl out of his or her comfort zone and rise above challenges. Literally on the cutting edge of despair, the author encapsulates her angst as she faced the darkest days of her life and how she rose above it. Bemoaning a proper father figure, Raine poetically explains the void it created in her life and how she sought to fill that void; however wrong for her. She speaks of her “shadow self” and of past experiences from which she moves on. “Why is it for everyone else that we all try and live,” is one of her passages. Sometimes it’s hard to keep everyone else happy and be happy yourself. Her phrase, “waiting to die or dying to live,” speaks volumes and makes one count his blessings and reminds us to look on the bright side of things. Feeling alone in a crowd, she experiences the same void we all have from time to time. She ponders life deeply and reflects on things coveted and the after effect of acquiring those things. Blood on Paper is about reaching high for your dreams. At times while reading it, the reader might see shades of the Prodigal son, repentant, seeking grace. The book moves from regret to regaining strength and from bitterness to joy. While carrying the reader on this emotion filled journey, Raine does a great job using the senses. There is a real juxtaposition of mistakes and mercy, the Devil’s lies and Divine truth.
Blood on Paper by Victoria Raine

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