Poetry in motion

5star (1)By Alex Valderrama on July 18, 2014
It has been said, “Stick and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But for some people words can hurt and make life miserable. Victoria Raines finds a light of hope and courage though writing her deepest thoughts on paper. The words began to move her life forward. When her life seemed so bleak and pointless - instead of ending the suffering and pain with a quick gash to her wrist, she chose to pick up a pen to spill droplets of despair and hopefulness on paper – each phrase she wrote literally took her on an amazing journey of faith - saving her life and healing wounds within her young, tender heart. Blood on Paper may be symbolic in a world of literature, but for a writer, desperate to find a reason to live, Victoria Raine discovered a true inspiration that empowered her to climb out from a hopelessness – somehow each line she wrote revealed a mystery to happiness and a way to leave behind a world filled with grief. People might say it was an epiphany - that may be true, but truer yet, I think it brought her tribulations to a remarkable end. The inspiration to create such powerful poetry was the miracle she needed – for the reader, Blood on Paper is a celebration of life that could very well change the lives of the broken-hearted, in a very poetic way.
Blood on Paper by Victoria Raine

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