A Must Read For All!!!

5star (1)By Andre' E. Dames on September 28, 2014
This book open open your eyes to a woman's soul, told so passionately by the author. Ms. Raine takes you on a heartfelt journey that will tug at your very own heart and soul. For Men trying to under their women in their life "Blood on Paper" is that spiritual guide. And for women they will have a true connection with the writer. I personally feel this book should be used in today college courses in creative writing. I was so move by her words, I truly wanted to go back in time and apologize for every woman heart I broken and ask for forgiveness. "Blood on Paper" will touch your heart and soul, at the same time gives you some understanding on what a woman feel from her heart. This book is a great book to give as a gift for any gender , any age, any race, cause Ms Raine tells it like it is not holding anything back! I'm Very Humble to know Ms Raine for her genius mind set and her determination to not let anything or anybody hold her back, she is definetely a diamond in the ruff, I say that cause she been through pressure and and stress that when she started as a coal, she ended up as a diamond, and she shares her soul on paper how she releases her know how she triumphs in Victory!!!
Blood on Paper by Victoria Raine

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