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5star (1)By loretta on July 18, 2014
This beautiful woman was introduced to me at the local author book signing, with Lisa Smith, Co-Author of Unsinkable Soul. Honored and fortunate to meet her in person and hear her reading - HER words, HER voice....HER heart and soul - spilled out and shared. Many of us can relate to the soul-searching, the pain, the feelings she shares. SHE puts on paper what many hold inside, buried deep....hidden.The reading was beautiful, her words were thought provoking and for me, musical, visual. Each poem she read...for me...was a song...and I pictured the beauty of sorrow and hope. Literally. When you read this book - really give yourself space and silence to "experience" it. Get into the place she describes...really "feel" the feelings. The way Victoria writes, makes it easy.
Please take the time to read her other reviews - and please SUPPORT Creative Professionals like Victoria Katherine Raine!!!!!!
Blood on Paper by Victoria Raine

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