Meet Victoria

 Victoria Raine has been writing poetry since she was a teenage girl.  After a poetry writing assignment in 9th grade, her English teacher asked to see her after class, and requested she bring in anything else she had written, after reviewing Victoria Raine2her work she encouraged Victoria to continue writing.   Since then, Victoria Raine has filled countless notebooks and only recently decided to publish her work.  Blood on Paper is the first book being published in 2014.

Victoria Raine is the CEO of Kairos Cards in Virginia Beach, Virginia specializing in cards with heartfelt messages capturing your treasured moments with poetic prose and specialized artwork for each collection.  Her cards will begin featuring upcoming artist for new collections in 2014.

Victoria resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she enjoys her gardens and her dogs Samson, Gypsy and Sophie.  Her son lives on the west coast who is a musician and writer.

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