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5 star review for BLOOD ON PAPER from the amazingly talented author Tracey Moore !!! :)

Raw and Powerful
By TM – January 31, 2015
The title itself is powerful and speaks volumes, and the words that follow are definitely worthy of that powerful title. Bravo.

I really enjoyed this book. Once I picked it up, it was hard to put it down. I felt the author gave us a piercing view into her soul along with a raw, gut wrenching portrayal of her journey through the trials and tribulations we all face in life. Everyone has probably had their heart broken at some point. In this work, she basically relays the whole gamut of feelings we run through when we are deeply wounded by those who are sent by the evil one to annihilate our sense of worth and violate our personhood by their vile actions. She does an excellent job of capturing and relaying what we feel in the dark moments each of our souls ultimately endures.

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