This is my very first blog.  And I’ve decided to admit something.  The idea of a blog for the world stage was terrifying and overwhelming for me, it caused a lot of anxiety.  After much delay and ruminating I’m facing my fear and putting out there whatever I feel I want to share, the things I reserve for my journals and my private self.

First I had to admit to myself what was holding me back and then I had to decide I was no longer going to keep those feelings a secret for only me.  One thing I did not do is any research.  I have never read anyone’s blog.  Many people have given me their advice and most of it consisted of take a blogging class, research the top bloggers and read what they are talking about, start following some blogs yourself.  Decide the structure of your blog and what you want the content to be. How to blog, why to blog, when to blog….I don’t have any answers, and I decided that I didn’t want to over-think the creative process, it’s not how I work best, I didn’t want rules and the why’s and how’s to get lost in the me just being me.

So after all the advice I received from colleagues and friends I decided that I would not do any of those things I would just share parts of me in this first blog.  I’m not saying I will not ever read anyone’s blog or never do research and study to perfect my art and hopefully become a better writer in the process.  I’m certain that I will, but I felt I was just complicating everything way to much…what do I write about?  What is the structure of my blog? Who are you targeting?  Why????? UGH!  Too much pressure, I decided inaction was my best approach.  I put it all away, and stopped thinking about it altogether.   Then last night I took out a pen and scratch paper and starting writing what I was thinking about the whole thing, and I realized all my stress and anxiety and fear was ruining the thing I love most, just to be myself.  If I read other blogs, found out who are the best, who has the most followers, the top players I knew I would just feel inferior to them and it would cripple me further.

I only know that I am a writer, it’s my gift, and only just a few short years ago I finally listened to that inner voice telling me “you have to publish your book”, I made the decision to no longer hide my notebooks, be ashamed of what came out of me, be afraid of what people will think when they read my work, and January 11th, 2014 I published my first book Blood on Paper, now nothing will stop me, I know I am finally doing what I was meant to do, what I should have been doing all along.  Now I’m working on my second book scheduled to come out in the fall, writing new things every day, and as of right this moment I am officially a blogger.

So I decided right or wrong here is what I want my first blog to be, I want to begin with is a poem mainly because I feel deeply, strongly, madly, and passionately that is what I am, a poet.

I feel things very deeply, that has always been both a blessing and a curse.  The blessing for certain is the work that pours from me; the curse is the pain and suffering endured in the process.  The creative process for me personally is both beautiful and horrific, everything is stripped away, there’s a tearing down, and falling apart, and then order from all the chaos emerges, and then I can breathe again.

This poem I am sharing with you is about desire and passion, animal attraction, magnetism that is simply divine, cannot be explained, when it happens you feel shock and awe in the magic of it all. Like you have looked your whole life, searched for a feeling, and then there it is right before your eyes.  I hope I have captured those feelings for you here, in this poem.

This is my latest work and a favorite for a myriad of reasons but mostly simply because it just feels really really good.

I don’t want you to think that because I have chosen to start my blog this way  I’m going to blog about sex and love and fluffy stuff all the time, while of course that will be some of it…I am a poet after all!!  I feel and express emotions to the utmost extreme nth degree, passion personified!  However, that is not everything I write about, or talk about, or think about, reflect on or study, but this blog, because it is my very 1st ever I wanted to begin on a positive note with something beautiful.  It’s the thing everyone most wants to feel, love, lust, passion, desire, falling in love…and everyone will take away from it what they personally relate to it, which is one of my favorite things about poetry.

For me, whenever I finish a poem I feel like each, on their own, is a true work of art.

This one fell together like magic.  So the title worked in every way…




By Victoria Raine



Do you believe in magic?

The things you can’t touch or see

What about fate or synchronicity?


Things rarely are what they seem to be

Let the veil fall away

Come take a look behind the curtain with me


Irresistible magic is what I found

Right in the middle of what I didn’t expect

The place in the path where the roads intersect

The stars in alignment at just the right time

The reveal so very intrinsically divine


We come together in a fury

Leave each other in a heated flush

Why is it only you

can make me feel this body rush


You touch me and taste me

And make me burn for days

You come at me like a raging bull

Guns all ablaze


With unbroken kisses

As if we are fighting for our very lives

Passions flame igniting our fire inside

we tear away at our clothes

Our burning desire

is our flesh exposed


Furious passion together unfolds

Rare as the Hope Diamond

Worth more than gold

Truly a treasure

One of a kind

Our love touch is a magnificent find


Hooked on this feeling

Caught in the irresistible magic of our bliss

lights our way into the abyss

Our embrace is euphoria

Nirvana our kiss


Tangled mess of hair and skin

my dress upon the floor

you give all of you

and from me you take even more


Rivulets of sweat drip down my spine

leaving the glimmering radiance

of our explosiveness behind


Both master and slave

It’s all of you that I crave

Can’t seem to ever get enough

You’ve got me where you want me

trapped in this spell I’ve fallen under

somewhere between heaven and hell

and Oh so much splendor

wrapped blissfully in your arms

is where we both surrender


The end of this poem

brings beautiful release

explosion of color into ordinary life

Feel all the magic I left behind

Lingering long after

the pleasures of the flesh subside

Is it possible to believe in something so divine?


Do you believe?

In irresistible magic?

In synchronicity?


~Victoria Raine  Screenshot_2014-11-08-22-11-11


  1. Great first post! I didn’t study or prepare for mine either. Keep it up.

  2. Hi loved Ya poetry. Yes I like Ya blog. And Ya I’d love to know more. But im more of a hey wanna go out for a light dinner and drinks. Kinda man. Interested??

  3. How can I’ve get a autograph photo of you
    and would you like to help me work on are book: “My Road. My Dream. My Life.”
    It’s about friends , history and about me.
    W/b and I’ll w/b too.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the poem Scot. I don’t have autographed photos available for sale at this time however check back in a month or so I plan on having a professional phot shoot very soon !!

  4. Totally awesome I love the passion rarely do I feel this but sometimes I feel the same way you do about the special person that inspires me to feel a passion that rocks me to the core of my soul

  5. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Though, I believe your first blog has many sparks – call the fire department, I’m burning up… LOLLL Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, I think you will make a big impact with your followers. Keep writing your blog. It really has the beginnings of a strong heart beat.

  6. You truly have a poetic gift, Victoria.

    • Thank u John :) glad u enjoyed it. I hv some new ones I’ll be sharing o er the next 2 weeks and the story ab my house fire that brings tears to my eye. Big hugs !!

    • Thanks so much Bradley glad u liked the poem. I hv a story I’m posting ab the house fire this week so stay tuned I cry every time I read it !! Big hugs !!

  7. I do believe in magic! I believe in you too! Excellent first blog. I’m not a blogger, so I can’t speak to that. I do agree in being your raw self and pouring your heart and passion into your work. That is exactly what I see in your poem. I love it. Great job. Keep it up! xo Shae

    • Thank u so much sweetie for believing in me and for believing in magic :) we need more of that in the world today big hugs !!xo

  8. Great poem! Full of passion!

  9. Great work, real, honest and inspirational. You have taken the first step on your journey and are now on your way. I went through a similar process, I think all writer do, soon you will find your rhythm and that there no right or wrong way to create art. Congratulations!

  10. Beautiful poetry… I’m a poet too… I often say that writing poetry is like standing in front of a crowd, naked, asking them to judge you. It’s brave hahaha.. but just close your eyes and let go.
    Hope to keep in touch with you.

  11. Done I am in

  12. Pete patterson

    Thank you for the inspiration, it helped me finish a piece that was a stretch from my ordinary style. I call it Inspiration. I hope to pass on what is given to me. Words are not just just the combination of letters yet rather the Essenes of Spirit, Soul and body. Thank you again.
    Pete pp|*

  13. Congratulations! &THANK YOU! You probably knew there were others, like you, with so much to say & share with the world but wondering how do I even begin? Now I know, a sense of “validation” if you will, that maybe my story could inspire, Just as I have been inspired by your blog & your incredibly candid poetry! Well the moon, the stars, the sun. XOXO

  14. Good job on the the blog Victoria and a stirring poem!!!

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