1. (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded.

Here’s a peek from my next book--Unrequited. 


It didn’t matter
how pitiful my state
I always accepted your meager crumbs
The mirror showed no small resemblance
of what I’d become

I moved to your strings
and was held firmly under your thumb

Like a cheap tart,
for your scraps I preened
when I should have been treated like a queen
I was an addict
and you were my drug
your arrogant, self-righteous looks always so smug

Those few stolen moments…….

We have all felt the burn of love unrequited, someone we have loved that didn’t return the same feeling,
a friend we gave more of ourselves to that didn’t appreciate all we shared and gave,
those that took advantage, and even derived pleasure from your pain, there are a thousand ways to
feel the burn from someone not sharing feelings or spurning our affections, this next book will capture
those feelings of the painful sting of love unrequited.

unrequinted book

Pre-order Unrequited (Spring 2015)- $5.00

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